1/365: This isn't a Roomba


This might not be the best start to the year.
I had planned to take a picture of my new Roomba... but Bed Bath & Beyond was out of stock and the one that they are shipping to me won't be here for about a week. So, I had to improvise. I decided to illustrate one of the goals I have for this year- to learn how to better utilize my speed-light. And....gasp.... maybe even use it off of my camera! :)

I thought I'd list some of the things I learned through doing my first 365 and then share some of the goals I have for this year.

I learned:
-Macs rock! I switched from a PC in May and haven't looked back.
-LR is totally awesome. On a related note, RAW format isn't scary, hasn't slowed down my computer (probably because I keep all my photo files on an EHD) and makes editing a much more pleasant task.
-Converting to B&W can be fun. I was intimidated at the beginning of the year, but now I have a good grasp on when an image will convert well and a fairly good workflow for doing the conversion itself.
-Workshops (and being critiqued by peers and people you respect as more knowledgeable than yourself) are invaluable.
-Critiquing others gives you an opportunity to teach and solidify why you like or dislike images. This practice makes decision making while behind the camera much more intuitive.
-The group of 365'ers is an awesome bunch of ladies! I'm so happy that most everyone is continuing on in 2011 :)

This year I want to:
- Rock that flash :)
-Streamline and really understand my workflow. I'd also like this to include getting a firm grasp on making and using my own actions/presets in LR.
-Continue learning how to really use natural light.
-Continue defining my style of photography. At the end of the year I'd like to be able to say that I really do have a "style."
-Use some themes to give this 365 a little more structure (Macro Monday, Things I Love Thursday, and Self-Portrait Sunday)
-Participate in 2 or 3 workshops.
-Meet up with some other photographers in the area.
- Upgrade to a D700.

I recently listened to an audio file about goal setting. The most important things I got out of it were that goals need to be stated in a positive way, if you want to achieve a goal you need to do something (anything!) everyday to work towards it, and difficulties come not to obstruct, but to instruct. Failure is certain, it's what you learn from those mistakes that matters.

Here's to a wonderful year full of learning!


Courtney said...

I love your goals! I have several of the same ones!! I'm so excited that you are doing this for another year. Now aren't you glad that nagging friend from WA talked you into it last year :O)

Jen said...

1. Love the drama in this picture.
2. Your girls rock.
3. I can't wait to hear how the roomba works. Now if they just made something that moved along and picked up and put away :)

Can't wait to see what you do this year.

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

Wonderful things to have learned and great goals. I am hoping to learn much through the 365.

Glad to meet you and look forward to the year of sharing fun and educational photo tips.

oh, great shot ~ something I would not have thought to do.

Laurie said...

I sooo want a speedlight. It is on my wishlist, but I can't decide if I want to upgrade my 50 or get the speedlight! And girl you will totally rock out that D700! It is amazing (now that it is focusing like it should)!


i want a speedlight!! im having a hard time getting any pics taken b/c it gets dark so early. good luck figuring it out!

happy new year

Janell said...

awesome post! I love your goals. It's very similar to mine.

Sandy Tracy said...

Love your goals! Congrats on what you accomplished last year!

Amy said...

Love your goals. I have a few of the same ones.