88/365: Monday Me

Ugh... Oh no. It's 9pm and I haven't done a self portrait yet. I know, I'll showcase my super clean desk!
It's not readily apparent in this picture, but my desk is extraordinarily tidy at the moment. Usually it has many more piles (which are always somewhat organized. I know what's in them, but no one else would be able to discern a pattern to them) my camera and accessories, half finished sewing projects, etc. It has to stay clean now until we get the house sold. Maybe that necessity will help me turn the tidiness into a habit. Or, maybe not :)

87/365: Carseat

We thought we had put in our order for a newborn who likes the carseat. Turns out we did not. :) Even fully fed, freshly changed and put in happy, newbie gets fussy, and often escalates to screaming, when put in the carseat. We took a trip to Target this afternoon and I think we hit every red light except two on the way there... it's amazing how much longer red lights seem when you have a screaming baby in the backseat!

86/365: Lists

I love lists.
Today I had the opportunity to cross many things off of my current list. Somehow I don't feel accomplished though, just tired. Maybe that has to do with the newborn-style sleep I've been getting at night :) Over half of my list has been completed, with several more tasks halfway done. The rest will have to be finished up by Wednesday when we're scheduled to take all the pictures in order to put our house on the market.

85/365: Grass

I like the pink tones in this variety of ornamental grass.

84/365: Kitchen Makeover

We found out today that a local company will install a granite slab counter in our kitchen for the same price as doing tile. The plan had been that hubby would have to do the work himself (we're not wanting to put much more money into the house before we put it on the market) but thankfully, this new bid is making it reasonable enough to have the job done by someone else.
Besides the counter, we have a new sink and faucet and new pulls and knobs for the cabinets and drawers... at least we'll get to enjoy all the new things for a couple weeks! Before and after pics next week when it's all done.

83/365: Baby Swing, No More

Today was my second day home alone with the boys and I decided that we needed to get out of the house. A trip around the park that we live next to gave me a chance to get a little exercise on this beautiful spring day and try out our Phil and Ted's stroller in double mode. "I" is still pretty sick so we passed by the play structure so as not to contaminate the kids that were playing there and headed to the swings. I put him in the baby swing first, but soon he was asking for the "other swing". I explained how he had to hold on tight and not lean too far and away he went. Don't grow up too fast kiddo!

82/365: Monday Me

My most common view at the moment. Little one is gaining weight wonderfully, and spends the corresponding amount of time eating!

81/365: Appointments

This morning I had a midwife appointment (half the baby weight gone... wouldn't it be nice if the other half would melt off over the next two weeks?!) and this afternoon baby boy had his 2 week pediatrician check up. He passed with flying colors. Unfortunately, we had to do the second PKU test today. I hate that test. It seems so mean to squeeze the poor babies foot repeatedly for over a minute to produce enough blood to saturate the paper. Couldn't there be an easier way to screen?
"G" was a trooper though. He screamed through the whole procedure, but quickly returned to sleep and slept the entire car ride home :)

80/365: One of those days...

This is not my style. But due to the aforementioned term paper which kept hubby glued to his laptop all day and a seriously crummy cold knocking our toddler off his feet (oh yah- and having a newborn in the house!) it was the best I could manage for dinner. I did add my own chicken though. I don't think they should be able to show chicken pieces in their picture when none are actually included in the product! Not that I'd really want to eat dehydrated chicken...

79/365: Term Paper

Paternity leave has proven to be very useful for hubby as he has a term paper due tomorrow. He's been working hard on it all week and I teased him this afternoon that the chair he is sitting in is going to have an impression of his rear by tomorrow evening when he submits the paper :) He hasn't just been working on the paper though; we plan to have our house on the market within a month and there are many projects, big and small, that are falling to "B" to complete. He works so hard and I am blessed to have him!

78/365: Laser Pointer Love

Ellie is absolutely crazy about laser pointers. We currently have two in the house, but neither are working. Our older kiddo likes to tote them around and pretend they are keys or whatever else his little imaginations comes up with. This picture was taken as Ellie intently focused on him as he was holding a pointer. It was like she was willing him to turn it on.

77/365: A Treat

During big brother's nap time, baby #2 and I had our first solo outing (Dada is home on paternity leave and stayed at the house.) We went to Babies 'R Us to pick up a couple more newborn size sleepers. It surprises me that an 8 lb baby isn't large enough for 0-3, but he's managing to squirm out of even the 3 newborn size outfits we have. Baby was a perfect shopper... slept the whole time. I was surprised how little anxiety I had taking him with me. I remember my first time taking "I" out... I was so nervous. Now I just have to figure out how to handle a newborn and a toddler!
On the way home I stopped at DQ to pick up some treats. I had Heath Bar and "B" had Double Fudge Cookie Dough. Mmm.

76/365: Newborn Shoot

Today was the day for "G's" newborn shoot. I worked harder getting him to sleep than I did taking pictures! I think it took 3 tries and over an hour (while I was sweating due to the space heater) to get him down. Once he was fully asleep he was a little angel and let me move him all around. I took 303 shots... didn't want to waste the opportunity :)

75/365: Gentle Soul

One of the nurses in the hospital was complimenting our big boy and said that you could just tell that he is a gentle soul. He really is. I don't think I could imagine a sweeter big brother. He seems to have nothing but love for the newbie and offers him his toys, snacks and kisses all throughout the day.
Our only issue so far is that he seems to have gained about 100 pounds overnight :) 8 lbs is a lot easier to lift than 38!

74/365: Monday Me

Can I just smoosh it back into place??

73/365: The Neutral Teddy Bear

My mom ordered these flowers via a website to be delivered to the hospital. She said that the flowers were a close approximation on color, but there were far less than she had anticipated, and, the pink bunny was supposed to be a neutral colored teddy bear. Isn't it sad that the florist shop had the ability to take so much liberty?
I still think it's a cute arrangement though :)

72/365: Smiling

He is definitely a smiler when he's sleeping.

71/365: Noni and Papa

This is very snap-shot-y, but new babies tend to take up most of the day :) My parents came for a visit this weekend and enjoyed meeting their new grandbaby!

70/365: So squishy

Sweet Baby

69/365: Yahoo!

Baby "G"
Tuesday March 9th, 11:56pm, 8 lbs 3 oz, 20.5 inches
Labor was crazy, ended up not being able to leave the house because he debuted in one long burst of water breaking, baby arriving, contraction. Took a ride to the hospital in an ambulance. Pretty amazing, but I feel crampy just thinking about it!
Everything is great and he's a quiet, happy, sleeper and good eater. Hopefully his birth is the most excitement he plans to provide us for a long while :)

68/365: 'Nough Said

67/365: Monday Me

This morning we went to the "nice" mall downtown to get out of the house. It was blissfully uncrowded and that meant "I" had every opportunity he wanted to push the elevator buttons, which made for a happy kid. As soon as we hit the interior of the mall I noticed people were staring at me. One older man went so far as to stare the entire time we walked towards him from about 20 feet away... I felt like turning and asking him why he was being so rude, but of course I didn't, I just ignored him. I was dressed in what I'm wearing in today's picture and I don't feel like I'm looking all that bad/huge. Maybe there was just a shortage of pregnant people to watch at the mall today.
We didn't find anything we had to have while we were shopping, which is making the tunic that I'm lusting over on the Anthropologie website all that much harder to resist!

66/365: Blooms

While I was outside sweeping the front porch this afternoon I realized that the crocuses (or croci- I googled and found that either form of pluralization is correct!) have bloomed. I grabbed my camera from inside and oh so gracefully squished myself down as low as a 40+ week pregnant lady can to get the shot.

65/365: Hike

It has become somewhat of a tradition to go hiking on the day that our baby is due. I guess my babies are just too comfy to want out early! Today we ate breakfast and then headed down towards the Spokane river. We spent about 2 hours hiking and enjoying the beautiful sunshine (once the fog lifted!)

64/365: All Set

Today I finally got around to wrapping "big brother's" present from "little brother". It's packed away in the bag for the hospital. I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen sink tonight. Can't really think of much else I could do. Well, besides scrub the floors, but that's not gonna happen!

63/365: Baking

This was our first experience baking together, and it was a great success. He listens so well when he is interested in what I have to say!

62/365: Vitamin C

We've had mandarins as the centerpiece on our dining room table almost all winter long. I wish they were grown locally (hmm... I'll be wishing for awhile!) but I love how easy they are and what a nice pop of color they add to the room.

61/365: Stir Fry

Have I mentioned how much I love that he cooks almost every night?

60/365: Monday Me

One guess where baby is still hanging out :)