83/365: Baby Swing, No More

Today was my second day home alone with the boys and I decided that we needed to get out of the house. A trip around the park that we live next to gave me a chance to get a little exercise on this beautiful spring day and try out our Phil and Ted's stroller in double mode. "I" is still pretty sick so we passed by the play structure so as not to contaminate the kids that were playing there and headed to the swings. I put him in the baby swing first, but soon he was asking for the "other swing". I explained how he had to hold on tight and not lean too far and away he went. Don't grow up too fast kiddo!


Courtney said...

If he is growing up that means mine is too!! Make him STOP!! I think I know someone who would like to sit in the empty seat!

Shannon Joy said...

Happy day for him... sad for you :).