119/365: Single Parenting Dinner

"B" stayed at work until after 8pm tonight, which necessitated my making dinner. I don't think I've had to cook for about a month. Grilled chicken and salad was about all I could manage. Today was a preview of this weekend, as "B" is scheduled for a trip and I'll be alone with the boys. Boo to single parenting!

118/365: Smile? No way.

He was giving me awesome open-mouth baby smiles and then I left the room to grab the camera. This is what I got when I returned... I think his big brother has been teaching him his tricks already!

117/365: Miracle Blanket

I don't really think it works miracles. If it did that my kiddo would be sleeping through the night and never fussy! However, as a swaddle blanket it really is awesome. Swaddling is a necessity at our house and newbie is now strong enough to break out of any conventional swaddle. The Miracle Blanket lasted his big brother several months until he could sleep comfortably unwrapped... hopefully it will work just as well this time around.

116/365: Pear Blossoms

I love spring! Who wouldn't want such a beautiful tree in their backyard?

115/365: Bargaining

We took a trip to the park as a family today. In order to get "I" to sit still for pictures I had to outline the process of play, take pictures, play some more... and he still would have rather skipped the pictures in favor of more play :) His favorite activity of the day was running up and down the ramp to the play structure. He is quite a cautious little guy and it's fun to watch him finally starting to challenge himself with physical skills.

114/365: Apple Blossoms

I'm sad to be leaving behind our yard that has apple, plum and pear trees. I love the blossoms each spring and the fruit at the end of summer. However, citrus grows in California! I think I'm going to try a small lemon tree... how awesome would it be to have fresh lemons?!

113/365: Goofy Grin

He's so expressive!

112/365: Lantern

The Japanese Gardens were a photographers paradise.

111/365: Flying the Friendly Sky

The flight home was even better than the flight down.

110/365: House Hunting #2

Another long day of looking at houses.

109/365: House Hunting

We flew to the Sacramento area for day 1 of house hunting.

108/365: Sleepy

He only sleeps on his belly when I'm right next to him. He sure does sleep well that way. When he's on his back he grunts and snuffles so bad at times that I can't sleep. I don't blame him for his belly preference though; I'm a stomach sleeper as well.

107/365: Wedding Day

My sister in law was married today!
Isaac and his cousins had the best time out on the dance floor.

106/365: 1 Month

Wow, that month flew by!
(Just a note. I'm not at home and I usually work on a desktop. So, I'm not using my version of photoshop and my post-processing for the past week of pictures reflects that! I did learn how to resize and sharpen for web manually though!)

105/365: Portland from the Tiffany Center

Today was the wedding rehersal. Portland is such an attractive city.

104/365: Children's Museum

We visited the Portland Children's Museum. All the "kids" had a blast :)

We also walked through the Japanese Gardens. So pretty.

103/365: 3 "I's"

We visited the tux shop to try on their tuxes for the wedding this weekend. "I" was in love with the mirror!

102/365: Flying Baby

G loves his daddy. He calms for him as well as he does for me... even better actually, as long as he's not hungry!

101/365: Baby Mohawk

He has a lot of hair!

100/365: Columbia River Gorge

We drove from Spokane to Portland today. The boys did so well; only 10 minutes or less of crying from the baby and he slept the rest of the time! We made a stop in White Salmon to visit family and then crossed over to Hood River to continue on down I-84. That bridge may be my least favorite bridge ever to drive across, but the view is pretty awesome.

99/100: Little Helper

We helped a friend hang curtain and shower rods in her new home. Her husband is in another state completing training on the plane he will be flying and she has a 12 month old and is 32 weeks pregnant. She moved in on her own. Air Force wives are so awesome :)

98/365: Crazy Wind

Usually the flag would be hanging quietly, with very little movement.
This picture doesn't quite portray the strength of the wind we had today. It was crazy! We hardly ever have blustery days here... but today was definitely one of them.

97/365: Borrowed Flowers

Our neighbor wasn't home when the florist attempted to deliver her flowers, so he asked us to hold onto them. Pretty trusting I'd say!

96/365: Ohh

He's getting more expressive all the time. I love little baby noises.

95/365: Monday Me

It's kinda sad to see the sign up.

94/365: Chocolate Mustache

Easter brunch complete with a chocolate fountain. His first experience with chocolate covered strawberries. Yum.

93/365: Spring

It may have snowed today... but we're having fruit salad with dinner. That must mean it's springtime!

92/365: Little Plumber

Helping Dada install the plumbing under the new kitchen sink. Priceless.

91/365: Love Him

Obviously not taken today... but I did edit it today, so it is only half cheating! Additionally, the bending of the rules has allowed me to get caught up. I don't think it will last very long though, as we have a trip coming up in a week and then when we return, moving preparations will begin full strength.

90/365: Before and During

Life is crazy! I was complaining to "B" last night about how I haven't been able to keep up with this blog the past couple days and he replied "those things are for people with a stable life." Ha- it's true though.
Yesterday was demo day for the new counter project. All was going well until "old house syndrome" struck. Several valves under the sink were plastic and refused to turn, and the valve on the water main (installed in probably the 30's) wouldn't budge either... until it broke off. So, a plumber, a city employee (to turn off and on the water to the house) and many hours later we finally made it through the project. The granite guys are here currently and things seem to be on track!
I always forget to take before pictures until once we've already started on the project. The "during" picture is very telling, though. Notice our dinner was not exactly the most nutritious :)

89/365: Mutant

The boys and I managed an unaccompanied Costco trip today. We picked up some strawberries and this particular strawberry looked like about 3 or 4 regular size berries had all grown together.