272/365: Macro is Interesting


My new macro lens arrived today! The DOF is so narrow... it's going to take some practice to nail focus. But, it's a lot of fun. The lens also makes a really fun portrait lens, outside at least!

271/365: Eating Again


If this blog was representative of Grayden's life you could assume that all he does is eat! The reality is that usually, come dinnertime, I realize that I haven't taken a picture yet and the little guy's messy attempts at eating are too cute to ignore.
Today, Grayden figured out how to drink out of his sippy cup. He's pretty proud of himself :)

270/365: I think I need a goat.


We went to a birthday party at a Pumpkin Farm that had a petting zoo today. I'm sure that there are nasty goats, but all of the ones at this particular petting zoo were incredibly endearing. Such sweet eyes. In stark contrast... a 1 year old hog is huge and disgusting!

269/365: Before Bath Giggles


It's so funny how much little boys enjoy nakey time. I liked some other shots I got better, but they weren't exactly internet sharing appropriate :)

268/365: Saturday Me


Haven't done one of these in awhile. Since it was Saturday and B was in charge of Isaac (Grady was asleep) I decided to pull out my tripod and try a self portrait in the bathroom. There is awesome morning light in there!

267/365: Flame


I had to make dinner tonight. Boo. (I sound like a spoiled brat, don't I? :)) Really, I'm very blessed and don't have to cook very often at all. Spaghetti was what I managed to make. Grayden would have rather I held him, but I have yet to figure out how to cook and hold a squirmy, grabby baby. I guess I could put him on my back in a carrier... but then he'd probably grab my hair :)
Tonight while putting Isaac to bed, he said "You're perfect!" I asked him to repeat what he said and he replied "Yes, you're a nice girl Mama." Aww.

266/365: Harvest Moon


Not exactly the picture I had in mind, but how awesome is it that by using the adjustment brush in LR to up the exposure on everything but the moon I was able to pull out the stars?! RAW and LR rock :)

265/365: Happy Boys


Only 100 days left in the year? That's crazy!

264/365: What's For Lunch?


He is very proficient at opening the fridge and freezer. (and requesting orange juice) Thankfully he is also great at closing them back up. Our new fridge has an alarm to notify you if the fridge has been left open more than 3 minutes. Whenever he hears the "ding, ding, ding" Isaac is sure to tell you "that means you need to close the door!"

263/365: Block Hospital


Isaac told me he was building a hospital.
When I asked him who goes there he said "Dada."
When questioned if Doctors go there "no."
Who took care of Dada at the hospital? "The firefighters."
Poor dude has the continuum of care a little bit confused!

262/365: New Rug!


Grayden and I made a trip to Home Goods by ourselves in search of a rug for the family room and we were successful. Now that Grayden is sitting, and soon to be crawling (he's been working on his plank position and scooting around for the past few days) it will be awesome to be able to set him down on a cushy surface. The tile just wasn't cutting it for comfiness.

261/365: Birthday Party


Today was Isaac's "California" birthday party. He really lucked out this year. I think we celebrated his birthday 4 times! "Lightning McQueen" was his requested theme and it was a lot of fun to be able to fulfill his simple wishes.

260/365: Dinnertime


After dinner alfresco. Tonight was his first experience with a puree... lots of funny faces, but he kept opening up for more!

Click it Up a Notch: Picture Share

(Settings: 35mm, f/2.2, ss 1/320, ISO 200)

This is admittedly not a picture I took this week :) However, I did process it today! I love to take pictures that focus on details of something that my boys are doing. It gives them a break from looking at me and sometimes I think it does a better job of story telling than a shot of their whole body (face included) could have.
Isaac is a big fan of Duplos. He can sit and build with them for a good long while. The only negative of block play is when he insists on building a tall tower (that inevitably falls down) on the tile floors, in the living room (vaulted ceiling), during Grayden's naptime. Those suckers are loud when they crash.

Make sure you check out the other pictures shared at CIUAN!

259/365: Drawing


Isaac decided that he should draw on his new easel with the foot pump for the exercise ball. Thankfully he wasn't frustrated that it left no mark :)

258/365: Survivors


The nasty bugs haven't been able to eat ALL of the tomatoes!

257/365: Golden


Part of the new roman shade in the guest room. We're now booked with guests for Thanksgiving and Christmas, yay!
It is too early to be planning how I will decorate for Christmas??

256/365: Bug, Bug, Go Away


I didn't do a very good job of showing perspective in this shot, but that caterpillar is huge!! It was about 5 inches long and the size of a nickel in diameter.
We didn't have tomato hornworms in Oregon, so I've never experienced the pleasure of vegetable gardening with them before. Last night I was out in the garden and was checking on the roma tomatoes. It sounded like there was something mechanical munching in the plant. It was the disgusting hornworm chewing!! Who has ever heard a caterpillar chewing?! Ugh. It had it's smaller brother working on demolishing a branch right below it as well. Those two met their demise in a bowl of soapy water.
It's on hornworms.
This is war.

255/365: Flying


Grayden loves to be "flown" up above his Dada's head. Baby giggles are just the best.

254/365: 3 Years Old!


Last year he refused to blow out the candles on his cake. He was actually scared. We have the video to prove it. Just a couple months ago Isaac was still suspicous of fire. He wouldn't blow out the candles on his big boy room celebratory cupcake. Today however, he was all about the candles.
"Mama, put the candles on!"
(Except when he says "on" it sounds kind of like "orn". He's slowly dropping the r from his pronunciation and I will miss it when it's gone.) After we sang "Happy Birthday" Isaac blew out all of the candles without hesitation. So much effort was put into the extinguishing that a little spit may have landed on the cake. But, what's a little drool between family?

253/365: Playing With Light


This is the light in our fountain. I think the water needs cleaned. Am I going to do it? Probably not. I mean, the dog jumps in there once a week at least. It's not like I'm drinking the water. And Isaac has finally moved past drinking the bath water and whatever other odd source of water he can find. It'll be fine :)

252/365: I Got Nothin


Chin chop was as good as it gets for pictures this day. I'm not even sure what we did this past Thursday. Probably spent a good amount of time trying to get boys to nap. What's new? :)

Click It Up a Notch: Picture Share


35mm, f/2.8, ss 1/100, ISO 200 (he's pretty sharp, but I got lucky with that slow ss!)

My good friend Courtney has started a blog to help people learn to use their cameras to their full potential. This week I used a tip she posted on Wednesday about taking the camera away from your eye to have a conversation with your subject. This is Isaac, in mid- sentence about one of the crayons. (He was probably asking me, again, "What's this one called???") I think this is a fun tip, because he was much happier to give me eye contact when I was able to look at him myself. Check out the blog by clicking on the button below!

251/365: Bathtime


So snapshotty, but sometimes that's all I get in a day! This was the first time we put Grayden and Isaac in the bath together. Grady seemed to enjoy it and Isaac was so sweet and helpful... after a couple reminders that he couldn't dump a cupfull of water on Graydens head... or pile toys on him.

(For the U of O fans... Brandon insisted I take this shot :))

250/365: Help!


Not really a fan of the grass :) I took him out to get a shot of him wearing his OSU shirt (which is really outgrown already!) but it turned out to be hard to feature a logo on the chest of a baby who can only sit unsupported for a couple seconds!

249/365: No Backyard Neighbors!


The second house from the right is ours and it's hard to see, but behind Isaac there is an empty lot. We're assuming, based on the barrier and signage, that the development company won't be building any houses there. Yay!!

248/365: Driving


We spent this day driving back down to Cali. 11+ hours. The Sienna really pulled through for me though :) It has excellent lumbar support in the drivers seat and you can control the DVD player from the front console. Whoop!
I didn't take any pictures on that day, though. This is a pic of B posing for my RYC201 class assignment. Full sun is tricky to shoot in! Especially when every. single. person. in your family has extremely light sensitive eyes!

247/365: Murphys Law


When are you most likely to lose power during the summer? On a bright, sunny day when you are hosting a party to watch the OSU football game, that's when!! My parents had friends and family over and a large fuse in the power line blew down the street right after the first play. After placing a call to the power company everyone scrambled around to find batteries and a radio so that the diehard fans didn't miss too much of the game. Thankfully, power was restored by the second half.... unfortunately, the Beavers lost :(

246/365: Zoo Day


We took a trip to the Portland Zoo today. Isaac loved it and Grady was a trooper. I put my 50mm back on my camera (I use the 35mm 99%) of the time and realized that it has a really hard time with low light/ low contrast situations. Like, really hard. It hunts for focus so much more often than the 35. It did get some great flare though :)

245/365: Buttons


Buttons have been Isaac's best friends for over a year now... but now they are mine too! I think I like the new "wagon" better every day. I still feel a little weird driving it (like I'm driving my parents car or something :)) but I knew I would love the conveniences and I definitely do.

244/365: It's a Mommy Shot


Not technically the best, but I still love it.
In other news, Isaac has been calling me Mommy lately (past 2-3 days). He always calls me Mama. I wonder what this is all about?

243/365: Cousin Love


We drove out to have dinner with B's brother and family this evening. Isaac loves his cousins and they all play so well together. I wish we lived closer so that they could see each other more often, but I'm so happy that they have the time that they do.

242/365: Umm...

We had a busy day. I'm about to become a Swagger Wagon Mama. How convenient are those power sliding doors and power hatch going to be??! I'll add a pic that is descriptive of our day later, but I have to admit that I didn't take any pictures today. Bad, bad! :)