59/365: Macro Monday


So, I wanted to play with the oil and water macros today. But, I realized that we didn't have any clear oil (only olive, peanut, canola etc, etc.) in the house. Thus began the "what can I use instead?" search.

Above the washer and dryer I spotted a can of "Camp Dry" in the cabinet. Mostly silicone. That's an oil. Should do the trick.

Then I noticed the large "This product contains susbtances known to the State of California to cause cancer" sticker on the top of the cap. Hmm... will have to discuss with the man of the house if we really need to keep this bottle around any longer.

However, because I really wanted to do the oil and water thing, I determined that I would spray and back away and hold my breath for a bit until the fumes dispersed and that would certainly lower my risk of harm. Right? Right.
(Don't worry... the kids were in bed and I was in the garage with both doors open.)

Next time, I think I'll just wait until I can hit up Target for some baby oil...

58/365: Sunday Self Portrait


Not a lot of time for a self-portrait (or dishes... or cleaning the counter) today. Instead, I spent 2 hours with a friend and our 4 kids while she tried on bridesmaid dresses at an insanely busy David's Bridal. Apparently Sunday right before prom season is not the day to go if you want quick service :)
We had fun though!

My coffee mug had originally been hand painted with bright orange, yellow and red polkadots. As the paint flakes off it is starting to fit into the neutral theme in the cabinet. I think there must be some peer pressure going on in there.

57/365: Recovering


I've been dealing with a lower back injury and haven't been able to do much but lay down the past few days. Today I have finally been able to start bending over again. Good thing too... it's pretty frustrating to try to care for two young children without bending over!

56/365: Blueberry


I can't wait for actual blueberry season.

55/365: Veggie Tales Stupor


Isaac in love with Veggie Tales movies. I exercise during Grayden's morning nap and Isaac watches a Veggie Tales episode. One of his favorites is "Lyle the Kindly Viking." He likes to tell me (when he wants to share something of mine) "Lyle says it's nice to share."

How do you say no to that?

54/365: Take Your Pick


You can either choose to look at this friendly little lady-bug, or....


...this decidedly not so friendly spider, who caught, "de-winged," and packaged up his dinner for later while I was crouched down taking pictures. My back was not so happy with me for spending so much time trying to balance the heavy macro with my elbows on the boards of the raised planter beds... but finding 2 (well, 3 I suppose) insects at once was too good to pass up.

53/365: No Shortage of Beads


I noticed I haven't been posting much color lately... so here is some color, Kapow!

Grayden insisted on double fisting it with the beads on our walk today. I held both strings out to him so that he could choose one and he grabbed both.

You can never have too many beads, I suppose...

LR says that hand isn't blown... I bet if I wasn't lazy and actually took it into PS, CS5 would have a different opinion :)

52/365: Macro Monday


You're looking a little creepy today, Mr. President.

51/365: Weekend Morning


I figured my self-portrait from a couple days ago could count for the one that I was supposed to take today :)

The boys absolutely love to be "boomed" on the bed. Dada chases them around, then grabs them and throws them on the bed. Isaac chants "boom me, Dada, boom me" any chance he gets.

50/365: Drip, Drop


I was really wishing for white tile in my bathroom today. But, I've had white tile and white grout before, and I never want to experience that again... so I will be thankful for my dark tile and black grout.

It does suck up the light though.

49/365: "Uh, Really?"


This is the face my children see when they're getting one of those light "uh-oh, you'd better stop that" warnings.

I mean... how could you ignore that face?

Well, apparently you can, and I'm not so sure I want to share the face that can sometimes accompany the next step up the discipline ladder :)

48/365: Things I Love Thursday


Love, love, love my cupboards full of white and clear glass dinnerware, glassware and serveware. Some might say it's boring, but I think one of the best decisions we made when we got married was to stick with simple and clean for all of those items. I love them as much today as I did 7 years ago.

47/465: Spring Storm


We had just walked into Target around noon earlier today when all of the sudden it started to pour outside. It had been strangely silent in the store (don't they usually have music piped in... I could be imagining that...) and then the rain started pounding down. It rained for about 2 minutes and then stopped. By the time we got back to the car the blue skies and puffy, friendly clouds had returned. That's my kind of rain... plentiful, but short lived.

46/365: One of Those Days


Poor little guy. Slight cold combined with teething, icky windy rainy weather and a Mama who isn't feeling 100% herself.... unfortunately this has been the most common expression on his face today.

Thank goodness for naps!

45/365: Macro Monday


Happy Valentine's Day!

This little heart just seemed to sum me up. Too. Cool. (Ha!)

44/365: Sunday Self-Portrait


I remembered that I was supposed to do a self-portrait and I actually did one, woohoo! Another gorgeous 65ish degree day here, but rain is in the forecast for the entire week. I'm a little bummed about that... but, um.... at least we won't have to turn the sprinklers on for another week.

Yup, there's the positive :)

43/365: Ellie


The dogs get hardly any picture love now that the boys have taken over our lives. I think I used to take pictures of this cute pup almost daily :)

42/365: A Distant Second


We had been planning to go to the park, but after less than stellar cooperation when asked to clean up toys, Isaac received the consequence of "no park today. Sorry buddy, we don't have enough time anymore." Going on a walk was not a satisfactory replacement.

Sometimes it's hard to be the Mama and have to stand strong on your word.

41/365: Things I Love Thursday


I love this company... Bathed and Infused. They've recently had an ownership change, and admittedly I haven't ordered since the new owner took over, but she was a former employee so I can only hope that the service and product are just as good. I love their mega huge scent list and wear the roll on perfume during the cold months and body mist when it is warm. Here are a couple of my favorite scents:

Number 9
Vanille Canelle
Pumpkin Cremasse
Vanilla Fig Cedar
Blackberry Madagascar
Sage and Lemongrass

40/365: He Draws


He hasn't taken much interest in drawing until recently. Honestly, I was starting to worry a tiny bit, but I should have known better. This little guy waits until he can do something with skill... not much trying and failing going on around here. Perfectionistic tendencies begin early :) In the past week he has started writing some simple words and yesterday he drew a boat. This afternoon in the car he drew his very first face. Unfortunately, this is his second face... as he erased the first while I was still driving.

Oh... and besides the drawing, he pulled up, snapped and zipped his own pants today! Yeehaw!

I love all of these little accomplishments, but I'm going to turn around and he'll be driving.

39/365: Haircuts are so Aging


This little guy had a haircut the other day, and now he looks months older.

Good thing a trim doesn't do the same thing to adults :)

38/365: Macro Monday


Last week's TJ's bouquet is still looking fabulous! The lilies opened up a couple days ago and they are so graceful.

37/365: Sunday Shaving


Not a self-portrait... due to the Super Bowl. Isaac was a pretty willing participant in my second try at a concept shoot this morning. He thought it was pretty cool when we actually turned the razor on.

36/365: A Perfect Saturday


When planes break... husbands don't have to go into work on Saturday. Woohoo! Instead, we started with a stop at the cupcake shop, proceeded to the park (it's 70 degrees and absolutely perfect today. Don't throw anything at me :)), came home for lunch and nap and when the boys get up we're headed out to play in the dirt and attempt a "concept shoot." We'll see...

35/365: Reading


This boy loves his books. In the past week or so he has begun reading 2 and some 3 letter words. Every time he works his way through sounding out a new one I am amazed. Reading is so exciting. I spent a good portion of my childhood with my nose in a book... and I can only hope my children find the same kind of enjoyment in books.

34/365: Things I Love Thursday


I love this thing, and it's cheap, woohoo!

I have dealt with allergies all of my life and seem to be super susceptible to colds as well. I've had this neti pot for a couple years now, but just started using it daily a month ago. Since then I haven't had any allergy symptoms and the cold that I had was extremely mild. I buy the little pre-measured saline packets and rinse twice a day, morning and night. It does feel a little like you're drowning the first few times you use the neti pot, but most people get past that.
If you think about it, cold and allergy symptoms are just your bodies attempt to clear itself of germs or other offending particles... using the neti pot just helps it out a bit :)

33/365: Can You Tell That He is Gagging on a Leaf?


We went out in the front yard for a quick 2 minutes of shooting. As soon as I set him down, into his mouth went a dry leaf. As often happens, I was too busy fiddling with my settings to notice. It wasn't until he started trying to hack up the pieces that were undoubtedly stuck in his throat that I figured out what he had done.

A little extra fiber today, I suppose...

32/365: Another Week, Another TJ's Run


I'm not normally a fresh-flowers-in-the-house kind of girl... but living near a Trader Joes may be turning me into one. The bouquet this leaf came with is purple, lavender and spring green. So cheerful :)