41/365: Things I Love Thursday


I love this company... Bathed and Infused. They've recently had an ownership change, and admittedly I haven't ordered since the new owner took over, but she was a former employee so I can only hope that the service and product are just as good. I love their mega huge scent list and wear the roll on perfume during the cold months and body mist when it is warm. Here are a couple of my favorite scents:

Number 9
Vanille Canelle
Pumpkin Cremasse
Vanilla Fig Cedar
Blackberry Madagascar
Sage and Lemongrass


Laurie said...

You like some of the most interesting products :)

tatyannashope said...

I've just spent far to long on that website trying to create a reasonable list of scents that I would love to try. How does one even begin to decide?!! So much awesomness! While I thank you for sharing that link, I'm not sure that my bank account shares in the gratitude. :)

Shannon Joy said...

I think I need to check this out :)

Courtney said...

Those look fancy :O)