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134/365: Piano Fingers


I often hear comments about Isaac’s long fingers.

Piano fingers… they say.

133/365: Strong Dandelion


Isaac gave me the time to grab 2 quick shots before he said "It's wet!" and dropped the dandelion due to it's leaking moisture.

His brother likes to roll in mud puddles.

2 different kids :)

132/365: More Friends



Today we got to meet up with Kristen, another ClickinMom, whom I have taken several workshops with, and her two adorable little girls. Isaac dives right into friendships and immediately accosted the girls with attempts at handholding and intimate (meaning, in your face! hehe) conversation. They made him work for their affection :)

This was the first time I've ever taken pictures of little girls! Crazy. Thanks for coming out to meet us, girls!

131/365: Basement Window


A little more basement love today. Not quite as creepy this time though :)

An Extra


He was pulling out all of his cute tricks to try to convince me to put the camera down and pick him up. It worked... eventually...

130/365: Friends


We got to spend the afternoon with one of my wonderful friends from Clickinmoms, Lacey, and her adorable boys. All of our kiddos got along so well and we had a great time.

Unfortunately the littlest guys were overdue for a nap by the time we got around to the group picture. Had to take what we could get :)


Isaac loved their swings and slide!