90/365: Before and During

Life is crazy! I was complaining to "B" last night about how I haven't been able to keep up with this blog the past couple days and he replied "those things are for people with a stable life." Ha- it's true though.
Yesterday was demo day for the new counter project. All was going well until "old house syndrome" struck. Several valves under the sink were plastic and refused to turn, and the valve on the water main (installed in probably the 30's) wouldn't budge either... until it broke off. So, a plumber, a city employee (to turn off and on the water to the house) and many hours later we finally made it through the project. The granite guys are here currently and things seem to be on track!
I always forget to take before pictures until once we've already started on the project. The "during" picture is very telling, though. Notice our dinner was not exactly the most nutritious :)


Mindy said...

How exciting! Love that light coming in for your first picture.

Shannon Joy said...

how fun!!!!