75/365: Gentle Soul

One of the nurses in the hospital was complimenting our big boy and said that you could just tell that he is a gentle soul. He really is. I don't think I could imagine a sweeter big brother. He seems to have nothing but love for the newbie and offers him his toys, snacks and kisses all throughout the day.
Our only issue so far is that he seems to have gained about 100 pounds overnight :) 8 lbs is a lot easier to lift than 38!


Mindy said...

I always love how clear and sharp your pictures are - I feel as if I'm right there in the scene and not looking at a picture.

He is completely adorable and looks like he radiates gentleness. So glad the transition seems to be going well so far!

Courtney said...

He IS such a gentle soul!!! What a sweetie!!! Wish he and Kate could still hang out!