81/365: Appointments

This morning I had a midwife appointment (half the baby weight gone... wouldn't it be nice if the other half would melt off over the next two weeks?!) and this afternoon baby boy had his 2 week pediatrician check up. He passed with flying colors. Unfortunately, we had to do the second PKU test today. I hate that test. It seems so mean to squeeze the poor babies foot repeatedly for over a minute to produce enough blood to saturate the paper. Couldn't there be an easier way to screen?
"G" was a trooper though. He screamed through the whole procedure, but quickly returned to sleep and slept the entire car ride home :)


Courtney said...

Aww look at those little feet! LOVE IT!! glad both your appointments went well!!!

Mindy said...

Love the baby toes! Man - 1/2 the baby weight? That's fantastic!

Shannon Joy said...

Love those little toes! Congrats on the weight loss! Hope your little man feels better soon.