6/365: Things I Love Thursday


I used to think Roombas were ridiculous.
That was before I started having lower back issues and had a baby who screams while I vacuum... unless I hold him. After suffering through vacuuming with a baby on my hip for several months Clickinmoms posted their "Our Favorite Things" blog post. Among other things... one of the ladies gave a glowing review of her Roomba. I decided to give them another look- and here we are.
Yesterday during the Roomba's (we're going to give it a name... it deserves the honor) test run it was vacuuming around and I opened the door to the laundry room and went in to start folding laundry. What followed me in? Yes, my new best friend.

It vacuumed, I folded.

It was like there were two of me!
So far, I am super impressed. It is a little tempermental about a couple items, but I can definitely deal with it. My whole house will be vacuumed by the end of the day, it cleans really well, Grayden hasn't screamed (well... at least not due to the vacuum cleaner) and my back is happy.
I AM in love!


Keara @ Now I Know What Life Is All About said...

I have always wondered about Roombas. I would would love to have a robot do all of the work for me. I feel like I am always vacuuming.

Laurie said...

You have convinced me to take a look. I would love one of those scubas too. :)

grandmabish said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm behind the times for sure...At first glance, I thought it was a turnatable.

Tori said...

Very cool! I've wondered about them too!

tatyannashope said...

I need one of these!!! I could have used 2 of me today as I was frantically cleaning the house.
I've always wondered about them but never knew anyone who had one. I think you just might have me convinced. :)

Trisha said...

I'm suspicious of machines that have their own brain... But I like that it follows you around, now it's almost like a companion. :)
Just don't let it start it's own blog or then I will really be suspicious.

Heather said...

I must get one of those! Thanks for sharing! :)

Hannah said...

That is awesome. I used to think they were stupid too but now that I am a mom I think it is brilliant :)

Courtney said...

Do you think it could handle all my dog hair? If so, Ian would buy one tomorrow :O)