29/365:Back-Up Plan


I was hoping to do a quick shoot to get an image I need for a workshop I'm taking. Unfortunately, I lost the sun earlier than planned behind a huge bank of clouds. And, both Isaac and I are sick with colds.... which doesn't have anything to do with it, but boohoo for us :)
Hopefully the sun will make an unexpected appearence tomorrow so that I can get that image. Otherwise I'm not going to have my homework completed on time.
I can't be the only adult who still has nightmares about showing up to math-class without completing their homework???


Misty said...

Great DOF. Nice sharp colors. Hope you feel better!

Laurie said...

Hopefully the sun will come out for you tomorrow! I love this photo.

grandmabish said...

What class are you taking? Of course you want to do your very best for it. I hope you get the image you are planing tomorrow, and I hope you feel better too. This photo today is beautiful!

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

what an awesome shot, fabulous

While in my late 40s, I went out to college to get my BA in Biology. The last class I had to take was pre-calculus, I hadn't had math in over 30 years. I was always a good student and had a good GPA. But that pre-cal classs, it was the hardest D I ever worked for!

Marisa said...

My recurring nightmare is finding out right before finals that I was enrolled in a class I had never attended. Completely stresses me out when I wake.

Hope the sun cooperates for you tomorrow!

Courtney said...

What class are you taking?? I love the blurred leaves :O)