364/365: Macro!!


We had frost this morning (kind of a rare occurrence!) and because frost is as close as I'm probably going to get to snow this winter, I had to get out there and try to capture it. I was out in the backyard in my bathrobe and slippers, with bare legs poking out, but when I decided to head to the front yard I did put some pants and a sweatshirt on. The neighbors probably couldn't have handled my winter-white-skinned awesomeness!


Laurie said...

Love these, especially the first one! Thanks for the info on Sarah's class. I may save up for it and do just that! The springtime would be the best time for it anyway, so I'm hoping it is offered then. Congrats on completing your project! I have really enjoyed your blog and I hate that I was late to follow. Your photography is amazing :)