363/365: One Last Tree Picture


Isaac is going to be so sad when the tree disappears. I'm hoping to have "Christmas" torn down and put away within the next few days.


A new pair of shoes! Woohoo :)


Courtney said...

We are putting our stuff away too this weekend, but keeping the nativity scene out until the Epiphany. Love the fancy new shoes! I'm still waiting for you to get some crazy red high heels!

Laurie said...

Love your shoes and I love your silver themed tree. I may do that next year. It may be time to switch things up.

Also just wanted to say that you have a great eye for composition. I am always loving your creative images. Definitely somewhere that I am lacking.

Megan said...

Courtney... do you remember those red flats I bought when we were shopping once, oh- I don't know, YEARS ago? Well, I've worn them maybe 3 times since. I think you'll be waiting awhile for the high-heel version to appear on this blog :)