362/365: Behind me, No Really, Behind me!!


My Mom wanted a picture of the boys with "Noni and Papa." However, Papa and Bobo had to leave for the airport in 5 minutes, the boys were still eating lunch and it was raining and gray outside. So, speed-light and Christmas tree background it was. I asked Dada and Bobo to get the boys attention behind me... but, as you can tell, that wasn't exactly how things transpired.

Lots of scheming today on how I can raise the rest of the funds I need to upgrade to full-frame.
Anyone wanna buy 2 40+ yard rolls of bamboo fleece??? :)


Marisa said...

Have you ever entered PW's photo contests? The prize is $300 to B&H, and several runners up receive $75. Could help. Your photos are surely on par with these: http://thepioneerwoman.com/photography/2010/12/holiday-bokeh-winner/

Option 2: Sell me your D90. :)

Mindy said...

Well 1 out of 2 isn't bad! It's a great photo still. Which FF camera are you wanting?

Megan said...

Risa- Oo, good call on PW... you never know, right? :) I think I'm going to hang on to the D90 once I do upgrade... it'll be good for traveling and letting Brandon touch. Ha! You should get a dslr though, I bet you'd love it :)
Mindy- I dream of the D700 :)