142/365: Glacier National Park

Today was spent in Glacier. Unfortunately, we could only drive about 16 miles of the Going to the Sun Road (the rest has yet to open for the summer) but what we did see was beautiful. We decided to brave a 5 mile round trip hike to see Avalanche Lake. Isaac did amazingly well, hiking on his own a total of about 1/2 way up. B was wearing Grayden in the Beco on the way up and carried Isaac for the 1/2 that he didn't walk. Needless to say he was a little tired by the time we got to the lake. Isaac was enthralled with throwing rocks into the lake and kept getting a little too close to the edge in his non-waterproof shoes. Grayden wouldn't calm even after I fed him, so our stay at our spectacular destination was quite short. I wore Grayden on the way back down and B carried Isaac. It had taken an hour and a half to hike up; we made it down in 45 minutes.
We're glad we did it though!