135/365: Saying Goodbye

We cleaned up and left the house for the final time today. I wasn't too sad as we cleaned (and the house got baking hot because the oven was self-cleaning and there is no AC!) but when I was walking through the house for the final time, seeing all the projects we completed with so much time and effort, looking at the place in the house where Isaac took his first steps, the place in the kitchen where B was thoroughly doused by the faulty faucet while preparing our first Thanksgiving, the dining room where we shared many fun meals with family and friends, the office where I pretty successfully ran a business sewing and selling cloth diapers, the front door that Isaac and I waved from as B left for work or deployments, the place where Grayden was born... tears were shed.
One of the last things we did was leave a mark on the house. It is an unspoken tradition, that began with the family who lived in the house from 1993-1998, that before you leave you carve your name and dates of occupation into a certain post in the basement. I don't know how long the tradition will last, but I like sentiment of it quite a bit.


Mindy said...

Ahh...so hard to say goodbye sometimes, but I like the sentiment in the basement post as well and know there are many more happy memories to be made elsewhere. Good luck with the move!

Shannon Joy said...

Crying right along with you... I know that you have some many more memories to make in your new home. You will always cherish the old memories.

Marisa@make*happy said...

Years from now, you should go back and visit Spokane and knock on the door. We've invited former residents in to our house, and it was quite enjoyable for everyone.