139/365: Ginger and a Haircut

Tonight I had my last haircut with the awesome Zoe. I love that salon. When you walk in Jessica always makes you feel so welcome and does an amazing wash and neck and scalp massage. Then Zoe is an artist with hair. I don't think I've seen a cut or color that she's done that wasn't awesome. And today... she said "You have such pretty skin, I've always thought that every time you come in". I'm insecure about my skin as I have a tendency towards blemishes, so it was so sweet of her to make that comment. I will miss them!
Afterwords we met two of our neighbors for a farewell dinner at a great sushi place in town, Ginger. We'd been meaning to get together with them for the past 3 years. It's too bad that we waited so long, as they are a wonderful couple and lots of fun to spend time with. The food was yummy and as we were leaving one of the waitresses commented "your baby was so good!".
It was one of those days... in the best way!


Courtney said...

I miss Zoe and the amazing work she does with hair :O) So glad you guys made it to Ginger...YUMMY!! P.S. I want a pic of your hair cut!