138/365: Deceptive Beauty

We spent some time out in the backyard today. The grass is really green and lush and there are beautiful lilac bushes and a weeping tree of some sort. However... the grass is hiding a secret. Ticks. Yuck, yuck, yuck. We found the first one in the dogs bedding. After that B headed to the store to pick up some tick medicine, while it was my job to check the dogs for any additional bugs. Unfortunately, I found several on each of them. They weren't that hard to remove with tweezers and then easily rinsed down the drain in the sink, but getting such an up close look made my skin crawl. Now, any time I see a dark spot on a surface, or feel a bump in my sock or elsewhere in my clothes, I immediately think that it's a tick. Thankfully, since we treated the dogs (several days ago) I have seen no more ticks. Time to move on to our own home and yard, I think!