Spent the day at the TLF with the boys. We ran a couple errands... and Isaac was having a very 2.5 year old day. Some days I think he needs a hearing check; some days he's telling me that there's an airplane coming before we can even see it in the sky.
We've had 6 different packers now, in 2 days. Kind of frustrating. I have a bunch of plastic bins organized with stuff that I only use a couple times a year. One set of packers said they had to repack them all. It turns out that they were simply taking everything out and putting it back into different plastic bins. I understand that it might help avoid things being broken... but still, there goes my organization! At least if they had boxed the stuff like they do everything else it would have kept most of the similar things together. To top it off, the next set of packers simply taped up the remaining totes and declared them good to go. I'm glad we (hopefully!) won't have to move again for 3 or 4 years!


Marisa@make*happy said...

Thank you! We have the same selective hearing issue with Jack. Sometimes I'll even test him by whispering behind his head, but he always hears me. Well, at least then. Not necessarily when I ask him to clean up his cars. :)