126/365: Taped

I still feel a little strange that I have to do this, but hey, it works and he naps!
Isaac had stopped taking naps and was having issues with getting completely naked at nap time and then forgetting that big boys always use the potty. Hmm... it wasn't pretty.
I tried everything: consequences, bribery, cloth diaper, disposable, underwear... nothing worked. Finally I had to accept that the only solution was to tape him in a diaper. Ahh, duct tape. How would modern society survive without you?
Now when it's nap time I ask Isaac what we're going to do and he happily exclaims "get taped!" Our next challenge will be the transition to a big boy bed and the resulting freedom to use the restroom whenever he needs. For now, I'm enjoying having my afternoon quiet time back!


Courtney said...

This cracks me up!