47/365: Macho, Macho Man

Today was a busy day. Midwife appointment first thing (totally normal, see ya in a week!), home for 20 minutes then dropped "I" off with a friend so that I could head downtown for a "Mama-to-be" massage (ahh), took lunch to my kind babysitting friend, home for nap/quiet time, then off to base to have dinner with hubby since he is stuck there all week. My picture taking time was quite limited so I ended up needing to come up with something in the hole (meaning windowless place) that is a standard military building :)
"I" and Dada had a great time playing in the workout room. Don't worry, there were no weights attached!


Courtney said...

Look at him go!

Alison said...

He looks so excited and so proud of himself.