41/365: I took the plunge.

I have been debating for months now whether or not it would be worth it to switch to BBF (back button focus). I don't know why I was so afraid. It's not like I couldn't have just changed the settings back if I didn't like it! So this morning, I switched to BBF and also changed my autofocus mode from AF-A to AF-C.
Oh. My. Goodness.
It's not that I have been having focus issues per-say, but when I'd do a shoot with a moving kiddo I'd nail focus in about 60-70% of the shots I took, even if I was pretty sure I'd selected the best focus point and locked focus. This afternoon, it was closer to 95%! What a difference this is going to make.
I also had a little fun with sun flare. The time of day (noon) wasn't the best for portrait work, but it was definitely easy to find the sun in the sky!


Mindy said...

Beautiful! I'm still not clear exactly on what BBF is - any websites or tutorials you'd recommend? Also - I shoot with Canon and am not familiar with the difference between AF-A & AF-C?

Megan said...

I don't remember if you're on clickinmoms or not, but if so there are tons of great threads about BBF focus over there.
Here's a short post about it on a wedding photographer's blog.

Your Canon equivalents for the focus modes are AF-A = AI and AF-C = AI Servo. (Basically- in AI Servo your camera will continually track and attempt to lock focus on the focal point that you have selected.) HTH :)