14/365: Movies, Actions!

I was thinking of just skipping a photo for today, as I'm most excited about my editing advancements. But I decided that the goal is a picture a day... which meant I should actually get out the camera!
One of the few things I like about my husband being away for weeks at a time is that I get complete control of the Netflix que! Last week was Julie and Julia (cute!) and today The Family Stone arrived in my mailbox. It might not get watched for several days as I have a hard time sitting down to watch a movie by myself, but at least I know it's there for me.

Yesterday's pic. I have been trying to help a friend figure out how to load actions onto her Mac and PSE 8... it hasn't been going so well. However, the experience has inspired me to re-figure it out for my system and I started with the CoffeeShop Creamy Chocolate B&W action. I love how she posts tutorials on how you can recreate the same look without using the action; totally fits with my goal of understanding B&W conversions!

My baby boy at 3 months. How quickly time flies... Shot with my Canon P&S, in the pre DSLR days :)


Lisa said...

Beautiful shots!!!