27/365: Bathroom Niche

This is one of my favorite little spots in the house. I like to think it is reflective of me. I just watched an Oprah on "finding your personal style". They were speaking about fashion... and I am pretty far from dressing with "style" every day... but I do think I have my decorating style figured out. Clean and traditional, but still soft with a touch of romanticism.
I think I am starting to get sentimental about leaving; as we most likely will in the next several months. It seems like a good idea to capture my favorite spots around the house during this project so that I'll have plenty of pictures all in one place (the eventual coffee table book.) I have considered making a book specifically for the house... but that is seeming a little ambitious!


Courtney said...

I completely agree you know your decorating style for sure. Love this photo!

Samantha said...

I adore your style...so gorgeous!!!