8/365: Another Goal

I've come up with another goal for 2010... to feel comfortable with black and white conversions. I used to convert about half of my pictures to B&W without a care in the world.... then I learned that there are actually points that make a photo "correctly" converted. Enter my deep seated perfectionism and I am now firmly a color photographer! But, I love B&W's, so I am going to take the time to research and figure this out.
"I" would have rather been doing anything besides having his picture taken today. Here, he is "looking at the light" (I was using my speedlight to bounce flash) which netted me a total of about 4 shots before he resumed his incessant wiggling. When is it that kids get to the pose-able stage again???


Mindy said...

I think I found you on Clickin' Moms and thought I'd follow you along on this 365 journey. Hope you don't mind!

I love the catchlights in your sons eyes - lovely! I NEED to get an external flash so I can start bouncing it around. I have never heard anything about the correct way to convert to B&W. That would intimidate me too! Your conversion looks great.

Alison said...

Kudos to you on a non-flashy Speedlight shot and a lovely conversion. Part of my 365 goal is to get comfortable with my Speedlite.