21/365: Doorknobs

Many of the details that I love about our home are original features that have managed to stick around, unscathed and through countless owners, since the house was built in 1902.
Just because I think it is interesting, here is an early record of ownership for our house:

In 1904 J. Fred Wilson bought this house from F.D. Allen. Frank Potts, a commercial traveler, purchased the property two years later, owning it until 1907. D.H. Stetler then bought the house, but quickly sold it to R.L. Rutter in 1908. William McDonald purchased the house in 1916. In 1919 E.A. McGoldrick bought the property. Nellie Irene Paulson purchased the house in 1934. Reed Klapp bought the house in 1947, owning it until 1978.

I wonder what the lives were like of the people who lived here before us. How many babies were born here? How many different colors has the exterior been painted? Who first decided to paint the woodwork in the kitchen? What prompted Mr. Klapp to spend over 30 years in a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom home? This house has seen a lot of living. We've had 4 wonderful years here and I will be sad to leave it when we move.


Courtney said...

aww i LOVE your house :O)

Samantha said...

So interesting...love the original features. Your photos continue to amaze me..tfs!

Alison said...

What an awesome detail. I love old houses.

Sarah C. (my4hens) said...

What a gorgeous door knob! I am a total sucker for the little things too. I am from CT and everything is just like this. (Well a lot of places.) I also have wondered the same things about different places we have lived as we have been through many different apartments and I have been pregnant in almost every single one of them!