7/365: Baby Preperations

"I" and I hit up Old Navy today to check out their big post-holiday clearance sale. We found this sweet little one piece and 5 pairs of socks for a grand total of less than $9.00!
In other fabulous news I figured out where we will be storing all the new baby's clothing. There is absolutely no space in "I"'s closet and I wanted everything upstairs with easy access to the changing table in "I"'s room. This afternoon I realized that the modular storage unit we moved to the upstairs landing (from the office- we replaced it with an even larger one!) will be perfect. I already have bins for most of the cubbies and I will be able to separate the clothing into type. Oh, it makes my OCD so happy to have a solution for that problem!
To top off the day, we picked up Delish for lunch. I hadn't stopped by in months and it was even better than I remembered. Mmm.