208/365: New Blinds!

After 3 weeks of waiting we finally have blinds on all of the windows.
(Well, except one. And that one will be covered once my Mom comes down next month and we sew up a shade with the extra blackout fabric we managed to end up with from the first window-covering-sewing go-round. Oops.)
We ordered some awesome blinds that have sheers attached to the tops, so that when the normal blind is all the way pushed down the sheer covers the window. If we want the window uncovered the whole blind and sheer combo pushes up to the top. I'm really liking the way that the sheer filters the midday light.
I wouldn't call Isaac a cooperative model today... but he did consent to give me some expression :)


Courtney said...

One of these days you need to tell me your secret for getting his eyes to pop like that! Beautiful as always!! Super jealous of all your natural light!