202/365: Happy Fuzzies

My super-crafty Sister-in-law (Marisa at Make Happy) posted this idea on her blog awhile back. Basically, Isaac can earn a "Happy Fuzzy" for unprompted acts of kindness. Sometimes he'll put his plate on the counter by the sink without being asked, or comfort Grayden/ bring him a toy, or just say something really sweet to someone. We're not stingy with the fuzzies :) Once he has filled up the jar we will have a fun reward as a family, like a trip to fro-yo or the splash park.
I love the focus on the positive that it brings to the entire family! Amongst the whining it is nice to be reminded to acknowledge the kindness Isaac shows :)


Marisa said...

Oh, I like this post. :) Cute fuzzies. Great jar! And yes, we're generous with the fuzzies, too. They're such a self-esteem booster!

Courtney said...

Cute idea!!