187/365: Lightning McQueen

Isaac loves Lightning McQueen. We have the Rascal Flatts CD with "Life is a Highway" on it in the car and that song is currently my most effective bribe. Isaac would like to listen to the song often.
Like never-endingly often.
So, we make bargains. If he keeps his hands in the cart at the grocery store we'll listen to "lightning mcqueen" once when we get back into the car. Or, if he listens and doesn't fuss while we're in the fabric store I'll put on Track 14 at least one time when we're done. It's a good thing I don't hate that song!
My little perfectionist has a bit of a hard time with puzzles. He likes to do them, but would prefer that he always picked the right piece the first time. Frustration over not being able to do it right the very first time he tries something is becoming a common occurrence. He's learning to ride a trike currently and any little slip up results in a bit of a melt-down. I imagine a lot of talks about "mistakes are ok" and "you can't do everything perfectly all the time" in our future!