186/365: Changing Table

I cloth diapered Isaac from the time he was 6 months until potty training and even ran a small business making diapers (that B says I need to start up again) for about a year. Grady has only worn cloth off and on as it is more work, and I've had enough on my plate. Now that we're starting to settle down I've been gearing up to start cloth diapering again.
I'm so excited about the fact that I have an actual changing pad with great storage for the diapers this go around. With Isaac I had a workable set up, but it is kind of fun to pull open the dresser drawers and see all the cute prints. Plus, the dresser we're using is on the tall side which is great as I don't have to bend over to change the little monkey.


Shannon Joy said...

YIPPEE for a new changing table!! Anything to make life easier :)