200: First Skinned Knee

We were walking through a parking lot. I was carrying Grayden in the carrier (which he is quite speedily getting too heavy for), a bag full of purchases, my large mom purse and holding Isaac's hand. Just as we got across the "street" in front of the stores and into the parking lot a car turned in and started following us down the aisle. They could have gone past us quite easily but instead decided to creep along and tail us. It was over 100 degrees out so I was walking briskly in a quest to reach the AC in the car anyway, but encouraged Isaac to speed up a little more to be courteous to the car following us. He happily complied but then sadly tripped and caught himself on his knees and free hand.
This presented a dilemma. I was wearing a somewhat short jean skirt and my hands were completely full. I didn't want to just bend over in front of the car, but I didn't want to drop everything in the middle of the parking lot in order to kneel either. So, the solution was to encourage Isaac back to the car so that I could set Grayden, and my bags, down in the shade (of a pathetic little tree... why plant trees with too few leaves to provide shade? Everyone tries to park under the trees anyway. You'd think the landscape planners would have anticipated this and chosen trees with dense leaves!) and tend to my poor little boy who had never seen blood on his leg before. It was just a deep scratch... but he was traumatized. Traumatized enough to cry the entire 10 minutes home and have me wishing that I could get home to a bandaid and a hug more quickly.
Funnily enough, once we got home I remembered that I had purchased a first aid spray with pain reliever for my purse about a month ago. Maybe next time I will remember it's in there!


Courtney said...

Yikes! What a mess!! I can't believe this is his first skinned knee! He is quite a cautious little one and not nearly as clumsy as a certain 3 yr old I know :O)