162/365: Craziness

So... B went to base to get checked out and establish a plan of care. 5 minutes before he left the movers showed up with our household goods. B introduced himself and explained the situation and then left with his dad (who had driven down with us) leaving me to direct the movers and deal with the kiddos. It was a little tough trying to balance paying attention as the 3 movers called numbers at me to check off the inventory with keeping the boys happy. But we were making it. Then I called B for an update. He told me that he was going to be admitted to the burn center at UC Davis for the weekend. An ambulance would come pick him up at the house as I had to take his dad to the airport. Amazingly the timing worked out just right. The ambulance showed up while the movers were doing the final assembly of the master bed and the crib and I was able to get B's dad to the airport a comfortable amount of time before his flight. Poor Grayden cried the whole way home and Isaac whimpered "I want Grandpa back. I want Dada to come back to our new house"; so I just cried along with them. After bathing my sweaty baby and dinner and a bath for the toddler I was able to have my first shower in 3 days. Things are going to get better from here on out!