154/365: Horse Girl

In my former life I was a horse girl. At one point we had 9 horses. I showed Arabians and spent my afternoons and weekends cleaning stalls, grooming and working horses. All through middle school, high school and college I was too busy to get into any trouble!
My parents still have two mares as "pasture ornaments." The older one, Missy, was my first horse. Her daughter, Shaianne, has lived the life of luxury, never having been off of our property or having had to do any work.
This afternoon I went out and clipped them up and played photo shoot. I don't think they were very impressed with any of my attention, except the stiff brushing on their itchy spots :) Horse photography definitely requires knowledge of good angles and equipment (I'm thinking a hefty zoom lens...probably not cheap!) that I don't have. It might be a fun to pick up someday though.


Shannon Joy said...

What a beautiful shot!!! I can see just by looking at this image how much you love this gorgeous animal.

whippetmom said...

wow. this is such a beautiful shot!