I hope to have this blog be a place for reflection.
Ultimately I am signing myself up for a "Project 365" (one picture a day, every day, for a year) but more importantly I want to capture this year as it goes by. We'll be having a baby, selling our house, moving, setting up a new life (which, as it is a military move, includes a new home, new church, new activities, new friends...), B will be starting a new job and I am going to keep focusing on improving my photography! If I let it, 2010 could go by in a blur and I'd likely forget most of the details. I always look back after a year such as I expect this next one to be and realize that I'm no longer the same person that I was in January. All of the experiences change me... shape my individuality.
It is quite likely that I will miss a day or two of pictures here and there. But I'm giving myself permission to do so, along with determination to pick back up and keep going. 360 pictures that paint a story are much better than none! Some days I may post more than one picture and I am tossing around a few theme ideas for certain days of the week.
I'm excited to start tomorrow and eagerly anticipate the book that this blog will eventually culminate in!